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Tidy Car Mobile Detailing can provide expert car and truck interior detailing, heated soil extraction, odor removal and more.

Whether it be a basic Express Interior Cleaning to a Complete Interior Cleaning & Detailing Service, Tidy Car Mobile Detailing has the eco friendly cleaners, conditioners, detailing tools, professional equipment and skill set to make you interior look, feel and smell like brand new! Does your car have a foul interior odor that needs removed? We use special enzyme cleaners, deodorizers and ozone treatments to eradicate all foul and musty mildew odors.

Complete Interior

$150 – $250

Our Complete interior service includes everything from top to bottom to make your vehicle’s interior look, feel, and smell almost new again. Great for kid mobiles, pet mobile and of course soccer mom vehicles. All cleaners that are used are formulated with optical brighteners. This service includes:

  • Air purge and vacuum seating surfaces and carpets
  • Clean headliner, dashboard, door panels and console
  • Detail and clean instrument panel, AC vents and all cracks, crevices
  • Clean all pockets, pedals, levers, and buttons
  • Heated soil extraction of cloth upholstery, carpets, and mats
  • Clean and condition leather seating surfaces (if not cloth)
  • Condition all vinyl and plastic
  • Clean windows, window tips, mirrors, and gauges
  • Express wax door jambs
  • Condition door weather stripping

Price: $150 – $250+ depending on size and condition of vehicle – Add $25 – $100 for carpet dying Add $25 – $100+ for odor removal

Express Interior

$45 – $75

If your vehicle’s interior needs just a little love our Express Interior is a great freshening up service. This service includes:

  • Vacuum upholstery and carpets
  • Wet dust and brighten up dashboard, console, and door panels
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Apply car fragrance

Price: $45 – $75 depending on size of vehicle – Add $25 – $100 for carpet and mat soil extraction Add $25 – $50 for upholstery soil extraction or leather cleaning and conditioning

Carpeting & Mats Heated Soil Extraction

$25 – $100

If your carpets and mats are smelly, grimy, and greasy this service will make them look and smell like new again. This service includes:

  • Remove and scrub mats
  • Remove and scrub stains that can be removed
  • Heated soil extraction of carpeting and carpeted mats
  • Place paper mat on driver’s floorboard

Price: $25 – $100+ depending on size and condition of vehicle – Add $25 – $75 for carpet dying

Upholstery Soil Heated Extraction

$25 – $100+

If your cloth upholstered seating surfaces are dusty, dirty, and smelly our upholstery soil extraction service will make them look and smell like new again. This service includes:

  • Shampoo stains that can be removed
  • Heated soil extraction of cloth upholstery
  • Place plastic seat cover on driver’s seat

Price: $25 – $100+ depending on size and condition of vehicle

Leather Seat Cleaning & Conditioning

$25 – $100

We use a properly pH balanced leather cleaner and vapor steam to properly and gently removed ground in dirt and grime. The leather seats are then conditioned with a premium leather conditioner to bring back that rich leather look. Great leather scent! This service includes:

  • Gently scrub leather seating surfaces with pH balanced cleaner
  • Use vapor steam to remove ground-in dirt and grime
  • Condition leather surfaces with leather scented conditioner

Price: $25 – $100 depending on size and condition of vehicle

Interior Odor Removal

$100 – $200+

An enzyme cleaner is used to clean and neutralize odor creating substances. After cleaning has been completed and at times it may involve our Complete Interior service an Ozone Generator will be placed inside the vehicle for at least one hour to break down the molecules that are causing the odor. If the odor was originally severe or a smoker’s odor the cabin filter may have to be replaced.

  • Clean the source of the odor with enzyme cleaner
  • Heated soil extraction or scrubbing of the affected areas
  • Place Ozone Generator in vehicle’s interior for a minimum of 1 hour

Price: $100 – $200+ depending on severity of odor, cabin filter and any additional cleaning

Carpeting & Mat Dying

$25 – $100

This service is not intended to change the original color of the carpeting or mats. Our carpet dying service is made to revive and rejuvenate carpets that are stained and badly faded. The carpets will need to be cleaned first.

Price: $25 – $100 depending on size and condition of vehicle, cleaning additional

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